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Tattoo & Piercing Studio

St Helens  /  Manchester


My appointments are by booking only


I'll focus heavily on the design aspect and give people something to really look forward to.


All bookings require a £50 deposit to start the designing process and get it exactly how you'd like it. 

You will be included every step of the design process.

The full price will be based on the rate of £300-350 per day.  

Feel free to contact me anytime using the contact form. fb messenger or give me a call or text and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.




Lee Hynes: Tattooist & piercer

Experiencing many techniques & styles over the years im confident in a wide range of  tattoo styles including full colour, traditional Japanese, portraits & neo trad artwork.

I specialise in black and grey realism as i have a natural aptitude for high detail and proportion and enjoy the challenge.   


I take great pride in my work and strive to make every piece to the best of my ability.

Take a look at my work in the Gallery below or on the social links available.

Artwork Examples



Fully qualified experienced body piercer
Piercing bookings are around tattoo hours & usually at the end of the day - 4.30 onwards
Please send on the Contact form below:
  • Which piercing you would like
  • What days of the week suit your availability
  • Wether you've had piercings before
  • If you are under the age of 18 (please confirm that you have parental consent and they can accompany you for the appointment or visit prior)
I'll then contact you to comfirm the soonest available date to book you in.

Contact Us


175 Broughton Lane, Todds Barbers,

Salford, M71UD
(Formerly 16a Ormskirk Street, St Helens Town Centre, WA10 1BJ)

Tel: 07719396485

General Tattooing Hours*


Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm
​​Saturday: 11am - 6pm

*as we are appointment only please arrange a time for a consultation or tattoo to make sure someone is available

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